frozen zucchini on a sheet pan

How to Freeze Zucchini (Two Ways!)

Learn the easiest way to steam and freeze zucchini for your summer smoothies, soups and stews, and more! The possibilities are endless.

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frozen zucchini slices falling out of a silicone bag on a granite countertop

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Steaming and freezing zucchini has become a weekly meal prep staple for me during the summer. I absolutely love frozen zucchini in smoothies and smoothie bowls because it creates a thick and creamy consistency that I find to be far superior to the frozen cauliflower in smoothies trend. It’s also an easy way to pack in some nutrients and hydration first thing in the morning. In this post, I am going to walk you through how to steam and freeze zucchini two different ways so they are ready to go for a variety of dishes.

Ways to Use Steamed & Frozen Zucchini 

  • Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls: Simply blend with other smoothie ingredients for a thick and creamy smoothie that is not only delicious but nutrient-dense and hydrating! Try my absolute favorite summer smoothie bowl.
  • Soups and Stews: Add frozen zucchini to any soup or stew the same way you would other previously frozen vegetables.
  • Roasted or Sautéed: Make sure you turn the heat up to high or medium-high for the first few minutes if you choose this route! This will get rid of as much of the excess water as possible. I will warn you, this will not create the exact same texture and experience of using fresh zucchini but can be super useful in a pinch.
frozen zucchini slices in a silicone bag

Tips & Tricks for Freezing Zucchini

  • Make sure you have a steamer basket, whether it’s for the stove-top or the microwave.
  • Have you ever tried to freeze a fruit or vegetable by dumping them in a bag and sticking it in the freezer, only to find them frozen together the next day? The best way to avoid this sad fate is to initially freeze zucchini and other fruit and veggies on a sheet pan, making sure nothing is touching. This also helps things freeze more quickly, which is an added bonus. Once your zucchini is completely frozen, you can then transfer it to a Ziplock or Stasher bag without everything sticking together.

If you try freezing zucchini using this method, be sure to leave a rating and review! This encourages others to give it a try and it means the world to me.

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frozen zucchini on a sheet pan

How to Freeze Zucchini (Two Ways!)

Learn the easiest way to steam and freeze zucchini for your summer smoothies, soups and stews, and more! The possibilities are endless.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 13 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 cups (appx)


  • steamer basket


  • 4 large or 6 medium zucchini
  • water for the steamer basket


Prep Your Zucchini:

  • Wash zucchini and chop off ends.
  • Cut zucchini in half lengthwise and cut into half moon shapes about half an inch thick.

Steaming Your Zucchini (Two Ways!):

  • To Steam on Stove-Top: Fill a pot with a few inches of water and insert steamer basket filled with chopped zucchini. Cover pot with lid and bring to a boil over high heat. Once water is at a boil, steam for approximately 5 minutes before removing from heat.
  • To Steam in Microwave: Put a bit of water in the bottom of a microwave steamer. Place chopped zucchini in steamer basket and cover. Be sure to make sure the vent on the steamer basket top is open to allow air to escape. Microwave on high for 3 minutes before removing.

Freezing Your Zucchini:

  • Allow zucchini to cool for 15-20 minutes before transferring to a large sheet pan. Make sure zucchini is well spread out so that it doesn't stick together. Freeze zucchini overnight.
  • Once zucchini is frozen, you can put it in a Ziplock or Stasher bag where it will keep for up to 6 months.
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Photography by Hope Agresti

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